Bathroom Renovation Tips And Rubbish Management

Apart from the kitchen, the bathroom enjoys the reputation as being that part of a home that homeowners feel the need to renovate the most. Thats because bathrooms are one of the most used areas in the house. Some bathrooms are so small and cramped, with poor ventilation that they are just crying out for an overhaul.

Now, renovating such a small room in the house may look rather simple and easy. The truth is, it demands a great deal of time when it comes to proper planning and preparation. Some important things to consider are;

1) Is there any electrical work required? Are you going to increase the number of electrical points? Or relocate some of these due to a re-positioning of cabinets?

2) Planning the layout in order to maximize space and increase functionality. This can be challenging due to the small area or shape of the area. You can use online software to help with this, or simply use a grid sheet with everything drawn to scale.

3) What type of materials, fixtures and finishes would you like? The choice available now is only limited to your imagination. You can really create a stunning and very functional area with a little thought and creative touches. A search online will give you some great ideas, as will home magazines.

4) Are you making any structural changes, example extending the room or re-claiming space from an adjoining room? This is very important to think about, as it can have a big impact on your renovation budget, and may also require council approval.

5) What is the estimated timeframe? Always allow for unforeseen problems, or delays in delivery of materials. There may also be delays in securing the tradesperson that you want to do the job for you.

6) What will you be doing for showers/baths while the renovation is underway? Friends and family can be willing to help you with this. Some caravan parks will also allow you to use their shower facilities for a small cost.

7) Will you be doing some or all of the work yourself, or will you need to hire a tradesman? If you have the ability to do some of the work yourself, then you will save money. You may want to take your time and learn the skill. It really depends on your desire, skill level and budget.

8) Do you have extra in your budget for unseen problems? If you do your research correctly up front, and lock in your materials, then your cost blow-outs should be reduced. But it makes sense to always allow for additional costs.

9) How will you dispose of the waste material? As renovation work progresses, youll encounter different types of wastes that you ultimately need to manage. This may include tiles, glass, concrete, old fixtures and cabinets. A simple solution to dispose of all of this is to hire a skip bin. As long as the various items are sorted in the bin for easy recycling, then you will be able to dispose of all items quickly and efficiently.