The Various Cause Of Slab Leakage Today

There are various causes that are associated with slab leakage in most structures today. These causes can be noticed through a variety of signs that occur on the floor slab. These signs include the following: damp sports on the floor, low water pressure, high bills when it comes to the water payments and development of cracks on the slab among others. Such signs are caused due to the following reasons that are not observed when carrying out the actual construction process or rater work.

Improper construction. One of the most commonly cause of slab leak is poor piping. This can be due to poor quality pipes that are not capable of sustain the required capacity. On the other hand, bent pipes can be a greater center of attracting corrosion chemicals as well as mineral deposits. As a result, there is pipe leakage which in later return may cause bursting of the pipes. This remedy can be overcomed by hiring a competent plumber who has greater know how of handling such cases so as to avoid any negative impact that can be seen in a particular structure. Hence, it is necessary to ensure poor workmanship is not tolerated when carrying out plumbing services to ensure all the work is of quality as expected.

High water pressure. Much water pressure can lead to pipe leaks . This can be caused by poor construction as well as natural calamities like the earthquakes. Such cases impact a lot of pressure on the pipes joint leading to pipe leakages. As a result, there is a lot of instability in the given slab and therefore care should be ensured when carrying out piping works to avoid such circumstances.

Poor water chemistry. Poor water chemistry can be referred to as the ph level. Thus, it is important to take key note on the water pressure as well as the ph value. A lot of acidity in water can lead to corrosion in the pipes which can be a major contributor of the leakages. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that the required level of acidity is observed under all circumstances. Also, much alkalinity in the water is another case that lead to leakage in the floor slabs. Therefore, it is good to take key note on such matters to avoid such slab leakage mess.

Abrasion. This is the act of rubbing of two objects. Abrasion can be a major cause of slab leakage in the sense that it can be encountered when a lot of friction has occurred on the underground pipes. This friction can lead to wearing out of pipes in due cause there is leakage on the floor slab. To avoid such cases, it is important to consult a knowledgeable plumber who has dwelt in the area for quite long to ensure all the needful works are carried out before installing the pipes. Also, one can note the best plumber by inquiring of the previous works done so as to make sure all the work to be executed is of high quality.